Beginners and new students are always welcome! Classes are open to students 16 years and older. We do not offer kids classes at this time. Anyone is welcome to come in during our operating hours to watch and visit, but we ask that you be respectful of our ongoing classes.

head instructors with longsword, falchion, and buckler


We Have Swords!

We Have Swords!

Classes begin with a short warmup and light stretching. Not only do we focus on how to use a sword, but we make sure students are educated on how to use their bodies effectively. We do drills, forms, test cutting with sharp swords, sparring, historical research, and so much more. Open to ages 16+.

instructors with longsword, falchion, and buckler

We Have Swords!

We Have Swords!

We Have Swords!

We have all the equipment that you will need to participate in class, sparring, and cutting. We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing that would be suitable for exercise. We are a modern club whose members wear modern clothes. Period or reenactment clothing is not part of our uniform.


Fight Us

We Have Swords!

Fight Us

Students can expect a good work out and clear instruction. We believe sparring is an invaluable tool for any martial artist, and students are encouraged to spar after approval from our instructors. Safety is a top priority in everything we do.

We Have Armored Combat!

Phoenix Blood Eagles Armored Combat Team


We are excited to have armored combat at our facility to add to the medieval combat experience! 



We've Got a Reputation

"Kyle and Brittany are well accomplished martial artists with a proven track  record of success as fencers and instructors. I endorse their school and  teaching whole-heartedly."  - Myles C., Instructor, South Coast Swords

"Brittany is a fair and patient instructor and explains concepts with a sword clearly and concisely. She helped me greatly improve my measure game and footwork." - Dave G.

"Brittany perfectly combines historical interpretation with martial application in a way that helped me achieve my first two silver medals in longsword and glima." - Javier C.

"Kyle took the lesson very seriously, and gave an excellent demonstration of a  proper Pflug and Ochs guard, which I've retained to this day" - Sawyer R.

"Kyle and Brittany are world class instructors and fighters that I have had  the pleasure of learning from on multiple occasions. They continue to be  a source of inspiration for me in both martial interpretation and in  fighting capability. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone and everyone to  learn from them!" RJ M., Head Instructor, South Coast Swords

"Kyle and Brittany are a superb teaching team and a total joy to work with. They are both extremely well versed in their chosen areas of study and their teaching styles compliment each other very well. I look forward to learning from them again." Dashiell H.

Mordhau Historical Combat does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of our activities or operations. We expect that ego and politics are left at the door for the duration of class to ensure the comfort of all students.