Valley of the Sun 2020

March 21 & 22, 2020

Valley of the Sun Cutting Tournaments is back!! Your hosts Phillip Martin and Brittany Reeves are excited to be doing this event for a second year in a row! Valley of the Sun is solely dedicated to cutting with European weapons of the Medieval and Renaissance periods. There will be tiered cutting tournaments and high quality workshops suitable for complete beginners to experienced cutters. Our aim is to encourage the growth of cutting and make it more accessible to the wider HEMA community. This is a HEMA Alliance supported event! 

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Event registration cost includes event entry, workshop/class access, and lunch for both days. HEMA Alliance members in good standing can claim a $10.00 discount on Event Registration upon proof of membership. Please contact the organizers or email for your HEMA Alliance discount code. Tournaments and Challenges are an additional charge which is not included in event registration.


Advanced Longsword Cutting - Competitors must meet the following requirements to be eligible to compete in the advanced longsword cutting tournament. Competitors must have competed in an advanced cutting tournament at a recognized HEMA event within the last 2 years, or have won an advanced tournament in the last 5 years. Competitors can also be eligible by organizer invitation or having won an open cutting tournament at a recognized HEMA cutting event in the last 2 years. All registrations will be subject to final approval from the organizers. Bring your own sword (subject to organizer approval) or use one of our Valley of the Sun loaners.

Open Longsword Cutting - Open to cutting competitors of all skill levels. No previous cutting tournament experience required, though competitors must have prior cutting experience in general. First time cutters will not be permitted for safety reasons. First timers should consider our workshop and class options. All tournaments registrations will be subject to final approval from the organizers. Bring your own sword (subject to organizer approval) or use one of our Valley of the Sun loaners.

Single-hand Cutting Tournament - Arming sword only. Bring your own (must be organizer approved) or use the event loaner. Open to all levels of competitors who have competed in a HEMA cutting event in the last 2 years regardless of placement or tier. All regsitrations will be subject to final approval from the organizers.


We'll be offering a sabre cutting challenge this year! This is not a tournament, rather it is a series of feats that result in either a pass or fail. Those who successfully complete our challenge will receive eternal glory! Loaner swords will be available, or BYOBlade subject to organizer approval.


Registration and tournaments cannot be refunded after Feb 1st, 2020

Due to the small venue size, we can only admit a limited number of free spectators. Those wishing to bring friends and family should please contact the organizers at


SEAN FRANKLIN - 'Maintaining Structure with Hands Offline (Meisterhau!)'

JULIAN SCHUETZE- 'Desportify Cutting'

RICHARD MARSDEN - 'Sabre Cutting'

PHILLIP MARTIN - 'Sabre Cutting'

BRITTANY REEVES - 'Cutting 101'

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2019 Medalists

Advanced Longsword Cutting

Gold - Julian Schuetze

Silver - RJ McKeehan

Bronze - Matthew Roche

Open Longsword Cutting

Gold - Justinder Singh

Silver - Josh Furrate

Bronze - Dillon Barnett

Open Single-hand Cutting

Gold - Eric Hardeman

Silver - Julian Schuetze

Bronze -  RJ McKeehan