Valley of the Sun Cutting Tournaments

Sean Franklin


Sean Franklin began his HEMA career in late 2011 when he began training at Blood and Iron Martial Arts in Vancouver, Canada. Due to his prior experience in the Canadian High Performance Sport System he was able to apply his physical conditioning and disciplined training focus to develop as a martial artist at a rapid rate, being able to outfight many club head instructors after only a few years’ experience. Sean has experience in many weapons and traditions, having competitive medals in most tournament weapon sets.

Sean’s experience in sports coaching has allowed him to rapidly develop as a martial arts instructor, serving for many years as the Head Coach of the Blood and Iron Fight Team. He is a passionate advocate of test cutting for both preserving martial validity and as a tool to assist the development of quality body mechanics. Sean's background in kayaking lead him to focus heavily on the core engagement during the cut, and how to generate power quickly and fluidly in both controlled cutting and more dynamic combat scenarios.

He also might be most known for appearing in instructional YouTube videos, which is ironically the least impressive credential in terms of demonstrating actual competence. 😉

Check out Sean Franklin's blog 'Sword STEM'!

Workshop: Lock On - Lock Off

Cutting requires proper body activation, engaging the core to transmit power from the core to the hands. While it is easy to engage the body when performing cuts in a stationary manner, being able to know how, where, and when to lock the body is an essential skill for delivering effective cuts in a dynamic manner. 

This course will focus on the how to train the body to automatically engage when performing cuts in high stress situations (like sparring) while being loose and free to move outside of actively cutting your opponent.

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