Valley of the Sun Cutting Tournaments

Michael Edelson

Michael Edelson is the bestselling author of Cutting with the Medieval Sword: Theory and Application, and  a lifelong student of martial arts with over 30 years of experience, 20 of them in various weapon arts. He founded the New York Historical Fencing Association in December of 2005 and helped it develop into one of the biggest and most successful HEMA schools in the United States. He is also an event director for Longpoint, the premier competitive HEMA event in the world. Michael's work in cutting and body mechanics was instrumental in bringing structured cutting practice and competition into modern HEMA in North America and parts of Europe. Almost all HEMA cutting tournaments, as they exist today, are based on and born of his work—he ran the first such tournament at Longpoint 2012.

Advanced Cutting - Martial Applications of Cutting Practice

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